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Meeting your training academy needs today and in the future

Built on top of cloud technology, we remove all the friction from operating & managing your training academy.


Setup the whole year

With the power of PSA, you can schedule your academys training calendar a whole year out while maintaining your operational manpower in the field.


Create complicated class events

Whether you are creating single day classes or more complicated inservice workflows like Detective School with multiple days of multiple classes - we got your covered.


Track all progress with easy reporting

PSA provides you with all the tools with managing users, submitting external trainings, providing supervisors full visibility for their personnel and their required trainings.

What we can help you with?

Things you will get right out of the box with PSA.

Software as a Service

We remove all the purchasing friction, sworn process dependencies, and internal IT department technical requirements needed to be innovative and productive within your agency.

Force Multiplier

In smaller departments to allow officers to register for classes themselves based on availability or allow supervisors register their own personnel based on manpower allocation.

Monitor requirements and productivity

Whether its making sure that the required classes were taken by the rank and file or reporting productivity back to the executive leadership.

What capabilties does PSA have ?

Everyone benefits from PSA.

Administrative Capabilities
  • Administer Access / Users - allows for very easy maintenancing of users and security access for using the online system. By empowering the training administration to maintain their users makes for less downtime and increases staff participation.
  • Create / Edit / Post Classes Online - enables you to add/edit information, documents, location, and instructors to a class. Once the class is ready you can schedule/post when the users can view and register for it online.
  • Instructor / Supervisor Scheduling - regulates the instructors or supervisor(s) to research classes and register their corresponding staff based on their schedule requirements. This answers the issue of lack of man power and scheduling class on a rest day.
  • Academy Curriculum Management - authorizes for any training administrator to post document(s) (prerequisites, curriculum, syllubus, etc...) to any class online. When users login to search for classes, the documents that were uploaded will show as associated documentation.
  • Reporting / Audit Trail - reports to the training administration the capability to run reports against changes within the system. By allowing the supervisors and students the ability to register and drop classes you need that extract sense of accountabilty from your staff.
  • TCOLE Rosters Online Submission - allows for the electronic submission of classes for credit to TCOLE. Once the class has been completed and attendance has been confirmed the system will export the class to be imported into TCOLE Department Reporting System for reporting.
Student Capabilities
  • Search / Register for classes online - easily log into PSA to research and find classes/trainings that are associated to mandated and non-mandated requirements.
  • Lookup class availability and instructors - classes can be viewed by availability and can be drilled down to find out what instructors and agenda they are offering in that class.
  • Access to curriculm documents - every class has the ability to upload single or packets of class documents notifying students of instruction before they attend the class.
  • Can be registered by supervisor - depending on configuration the department/unit supervisors may decide to register their own personnel to optimize manpower allocation.
  • Export Training Transcript - every student training is added as credit hours to a system of record training transcript that is accessible to the academy personnel and student.
  • Accessible around the clock (24/7/365) - since PSA is hosted externally from on-premise resources we have the ability to serve our customers with 99.999% uptime availability.
Technology Capabilities
  • Vendor Hosted / Supported - remove all the friction points with purchasing and renewal since the PSA service can be easily be budgeted every year.
  • Cloud Scalability - with more services moving to low-cost cloud hosted we are looking at what other benefits we can capture when integrating with other departmental systems.
  • Users managed by Agency - we empower our training administrators to manage their own users since they already wear multiple hats while trying to maintain their personnel training throughout the year.
  • Accessible via web browser - serving PSA as a SaaS (Software as a Service) we remove all the break points since you do not need additional hardware or software to purchase, manage, and replace.
  • No IT support required to on-board - we understand that all agencies are different and some may require more hand holding through deployment. So our on-boarding process is extremely easy and can be completed within a week.
  • Always innovating - as legislation changes so do they requirements for training. By being cloud based we can pivot and develop new emerging policies into our platform which will provide better usability for all customers.

The work that has been done by the folks at PSA has been remarkable. Currently the system effectively manages the sign up of over 2,400 police officers for their mandatory annual 40 hour police inservice. Our academy also utilizes the system for officers to sign up for specialized offerings throughout the year. The quality and caliber of this web based service has allowed us to totally rely on this for not only inservice sign up but TCOLE mandated reporting.

- Sgt. M. Muniz, Training Administrator

I was tasked in modernizing our training academy process several years ago. I needed new technology to help organize, validate, and report our training classes, and hours. The ease and use of the system and the ability for officers and supervisors to access the system from any in network computer via the web has provided us the flexibility to we need to manage this many personnel effectively and accurately. I would recommend the services of this group to anyone who is in the business of scheduling and reporting TCOLE training hours.

- Sgt. McKay , Retired

Training Academy Administrator - 28 year veteran

Our experience with PSA has been excellent. Their customized web solutions to handle our training academy scheduling has fulfilled our needs, is easy to operate and has reduced our time on tasks significantly.

- Lt. C. Newman, Training Administrator

To be honest, PSA extended my career because their customer service and response to our specific needs has been outstanding. They know that every department is different and their approach allows for flexability to any police training academy of any size.

- Sgt. Scarborough , Retired

Training Academy Administrator - 35 year veteran

A Few Words About Us

The Team

Our team consists of officers, instructors, academy administrators, technology specialists, and other subject matter experts in the field. This well-rounded team brings innovative skills to the complex tasks required in successfully supporting technical-related hardware, systems, networks, and other solutions for our customers. We pride ourselves in creating solutions for the everyday tasks that consume our workplace. By having an open channel of communication with our team we can brainstorm new ideas and push the limits of our creativity to the test. All of our team is commited to providing outstanding support service to our customers who have complimented us on maintaining great working relationships.

How did we get started?

In the beginning the only thing we could do is try to make our jobs easier. Then you talk to someone who just sees things a little different - i.e. room for improvement and efficiency. That is when you talk to all the participating staff and come to realization that something is not working. By creating a mechanism to keep everyone on the same page and make it easy - you have a winner. We did with our PoliceInservice project, because our experiences have led us to create models for each training environment. Whether you run a local training academy, or support a bigger mission of handling the regional training as a COG (Council of Governments) training academy, all environments are treated the same - if it were our place of business. We have serviced training academies of all sizes - small and large. Their mission is all the same - make this process faster, easier, cheaper, and make it cop-proof.

We are from here.

Public Safety Academy (PSA) is designed and developed here in San Antonio, Texas. Our development team has had experience working on projects with local police departments, state task force(s), and multi-agency fusion centers. PSA specializes in intelligence web based applications for public safety, corporate security incident management, and data analytics.

With over 60 years of experience in the field - we are proud to offer our you a solution built by Public Safety for Public Safety.

Our Mission

With the demand for more training of our personnel we must dedicate more time and effort to meet these steep expectations. The communication, information, logistics, effort, and time associated with the everyday operation of a training academy is overwhelming and costly. The mission is still the same - develop highly trained, ethical, public safety personnel. Our products and services change the dynamics of how you run your agency's training academy by harnessing the power of the internet and making it easy to use. What does this mean - no software to install, no maintenance, accessible anywhere, at anytime.

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